If you’re looking at this blog post then you’re either going to the Philippines or thinking of visiting it. Let me tell you, I waited 10 years…. YUP! 10 years till I finally visited & it was so worth it, I’m already planning my next trip back.

One of the greatest travel experiences. Despite all the poverty, people in the Philippines are some of the happiest kindest people I have met. It’s all about the simple, back to basics Island life! So pure.

Local market, Cebu

Cultural traditions

If there’s something I learned from my travels to the Philippines it’s these few things:

  • They love Karaoke!
  • They are religious people
  • They are friendly as friendly gets


Places to visit

  1. Cebu
  2. El Nido, Palawan
  3. Puero Princessa, Palawan
  4. Coron, Palawan
  5. Chocolate hills,  Bohol Island
10,000 roses cafe

Things to do

  1. Canyoneering in Kawasan Falls – Cebu
  2. Visit temple of Leah, Cebu
  3. Hike mount babag – Cebu
  4. 10,000 roses café – Cordova, Cebu
  5. The Osmena Peak – Cebu
  6. Swim with whale sharks – Oslob, Cebu
  7. Ship wreck diving – Coron
  8. Visit Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park – Puerto Princessa
  9. Honda Bay – Puerto Princessa
  10. Sabang X Zipline – Puerto Princessa
  11. Seven Falls Zipline – South Cotabato
  12. Watch the purple sky sunset, Corong-Corong, El Nido (I watched it from Doublegem Beach Resort, by far the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen)
  13. Visit the town, El Nido
  14. Island hopping (Tours A and C) – El Nido
  15. Iwahig River Firefly Watching – Puerto Princessa

Off-the-beaten path

  • Nacpan beach, El Nido
  • Visit the local street casino – Puerto Princessa
  • Swim with whale sharks – Donsol Bay
  • Chocolate hills viewing deck – Bohol Island
  • Visit local fruit & vegetable markets – Cebu & El Nido
  • Visit Taal lake & view – Tagaytay

Where to stay

  • Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort & Spa – Cebu
  • Princessa Garden Island Resort & Spa (pick villa or pool access room) – Puerto Princessa
  • Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort – Batangas
  • Health & Wellness getaways (perfect for those looking to switch off completely):
    • Badian Island Wellness Resort – Cebu
    • El Nido Resorts Miniloc Islands, El Nido
Princessa Garden Island Resort

What to eat

  • Lots & lots of grilled seafood
  • Pancit (noodles)
  • Chicken & Fish Adobo
  • Halo-Halo
  • Suman (rice dessert)
  • Butsi
  • Fruits – Star apple, mangoes, coconut
  • If you feel like experimenting here are local delicacies;
    • Aligator meat – Puerto Princessa
    • Chicken intestines – usually on the streets, El Nido
    • Balut

Travel tips

  • Book your hotels well in advance, the best ones get fully booked quickly!
  • Plan your activities in advance to avoid wasted time on the road due to lack of planning
  • Most tours can be booked a day in advance or even on the spot, book diving tours ahead though.
  • If you’re there for the photos then go on the earliest timings possible or find your own way (by car or rent a private boat to get to the islands)
  • Bring mosquito repellant, a must!

Hope you have enjoyed this Travel Guide ! Got lots more to share!!

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