Lately, I’ve been reading about the negative effects of using non-stick pans. I personally prefer them as I don’t have to worry about rice, chicken, or  even eggs getting stuck to the bottom of the pan. Food never burns with nonstick pans. But as it turns out some studies suggest that using these pans have a carcinogenic effect as the teflon in the pan – if used wrongly – emit toxic fumes, Here are some readings below with more details.

  1. American Cancer Society
  2. Environmental Working Group
  3. Mercola

But WebMD reports otherwise.

Irrespective of whether these claims are true or not, I still wasn’t fully convinced to switch over to the stainless steel team. It’s simple, I don’t want my food to get stuck, burnt or wasted. This next article is what finally won me over!

yay to stainless steel

According to the Huffington post, if you want to cook your food perfectly using stainless steel pans without any struggles, these are the steps you need to take:

  1. Heat your pan to 320º F (160º C)
  2. Drop some water in the pan.
    • If nothing happens –> TOO COLD
    • If there are bubbles & steams –> TOO COLD
    • If the water bubbles and begins gliding around the pan –> PERFECT TEMPERATURE
  3. Only add your food to the pan when temperature is just right!

Here’s a video to show you how it’s done.

If you want to continue using nonstick pans or are just stuck with them, here are some tips to cook safely which was taken directly from EWG’s page


  • Never preheat nonstick cookware at high heat — empty pans can rapidly reach high temperatures. Heat at the lowest temperature possible to cook your food safely.
  • Don’t put nonstick cookware in an oven hotter than 500 degrees.
  • Use an exhaust fan over the stove.
  • Keep pet birds out of the kitchen — the fumes from an overheated pan can kill a bird in seconds. Learn more here.
  • Skip the self-cleaning function on your oven. It cleans by heating to high temperatures, which can release toxic fumes from non-stick interior oven parts.
  • Choose a safer alternative when buying new cookware.


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