WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS (Family Flavours, May 2016)

lemon granita recipe
Let’s talk about Lemon!

This month I launched my segment “Ingredient of the Month” in Family Flavours Magazine in Jordan.

Each month I will be covering a typical ingredient and applying it in recipes that I hope will inspire you. The aim is to integrate healthy ingredients in new ways throughout your daily meals! Don’t let another meal be mundane!

The ingredient of the month is Lemon.

This recipe was published in Family Flavours Magazine, May 2016.

Lemon Recipes Lemon Recipes Lemon Recipes

Please note that in the images in the last 2 recipes were accidentally flipped during printing but the recipes are correct! You guys are awesome for understanding!

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Want to see step by step recipe videos, follow my YouTube Channel!

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