Jordan is by far one of my favorite countries. Its beauty, rich with culture, history, nature & kind hearted people are so dear to my heart. It’s one of my usual go-to close by vacays as there’s just so much to do… and needless to say, the food is finger lickin’ good!

Things to eat

  • Mansaf
  • Gallayet bandorah
  • Falafel
  • Mashawi (mixed grills)
  • Shawerma
  • Zarb (meat that has been cooked underground for many hours, easily found in Petra)

Where to eat

  • Authentic experiences
    • Hashim (hummos & foul) – al balad (Amman city center)
    • Habiba (konafa) – al balad (Amman city center)
    • Shawerma Reem – 2nd circle
    • Falafel Al Quds (Falalel & Ka’ak) – Rainbow street
    • Jabri (Mansaf)
  • Arabic Cuisine
    • Fakhr El-Din – 2nd circle
    • Sufra – Rainbow street
  • Nice views
    • Cantaloupe (some of the best views in town)- Rainbow street and Abdali
    • Wild Jordan – Rainbow street (they promote ecotourism  & can help you organize nature tours around the country)
  • Popular spots
    • Blue Fig – Abdoun
    • Roumi Café (afternoon coffee) – Jabal Weibdeh

To do in Amman

  • Visit the old souk, citadel & roman amphitheater – Al Balad   *NOT TO BE MISSED*
  • Rainbow street – location: 1st circle – art & culture, cute cafés, live street music
  • Jabal Weibdeh – lots of cafés
  • Live Jazz at Canvas – Jabal Weibdeh (specific nights)
  • Indoor rock climbing (climbat Amman) –
  • Abdali – Amman’s new downtown, lots of cafés
  • Abdoun – Amman’s posh area, lots of
  • Learn how to play Jackaroo
  • Horseback riding – Nadi Al Jawad
  • Visit museum & galleries – National Archaeological Museum, Royal Automobile Museum, Jordan Museum of Popular Tradition, Darat Al funoon, Wadi Finan
  • Turkish Bath – Al Pasha
  • Pop up souks
    • Souk Jarah (every Friday in summers only) – location: Rainbow street
    • Souq Al Sodfeh (summers only)

Cultural Experiences

  • Cooking class at Beit Sitti (offer brunch on the weekends) – 1st circle
  • Jordan River Foundation – arts & crafts made by local ladies from nearby villages
  • Al Balad Theater – check for upcoming arts & performance events


Off the beaten path

  • Kan Zamaan (fresh mana’eesh za’atar) & lovely authentic set up
  • Outta town (shisha)


If you make it to Jordan then definitely leave room to visit one of the nearby spots for a day trip or an overnight trip.

Here are some ideas!

  • Dead Sea
  • Wadi Moujib – 2 trail options
  • Wadi Mukhairis – trekking & abseiling, starting point is near Dead Sea hotels
  • Petra
  • Wadi Rum
  • Aqaba (Red Sea) – great for diving & snorkeling
  • Madaba
  • Jarash
  • Ajloun

For recommendations on where on other places to visit in Jordan click here!



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