Hi guys!

I wanted to use this opportunity to open up to you & share something close to my heart… the month of October… To me, the month stands for so many things!

It’s the time to turn a new leaf, try out new experiences & stay humble while giving back to the community.

But before I dig in, I wanted to share all muslims out there a very happy new year! May this year bring you & your family lots of love, joy, health & success. May it be the year you accomplish your goals & reach your dreams!

I chose to record this video in Arabic, but I definitely wanted you to know what went down!

Here are my 5 top things that I love & appreciate about this month!

#1 October Is My Bday Month!

My birthday falls on the 2nd of October. I love celebrating my birthday with all the people I love around me. I just want to say thank you a special thanks to my family, my friends & followers who stood by me during the past year. It hasn’t been an easy ride, but thanks to your support I am fulfilling my dream & going on the path unknown to discover where my passion & dedication will take me. Truly from the bottom of my heart thank you!

This year’s birthday is going to be special. My dad will be flying in just to spend a few hours with me on my birthday. Thank you Dad for always being there! Love you!

#2 The Month of Pink: Breast Cancer Awareness & Donations

T! This goes out to you!

As you all know the month of October is Breast Cancer month. Did you know that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime? That’s high! Have you done your checks yet?

One of my family members is a total fighter! I truly look up to her strength & determination to kick cancer’s ass! I am so proud of her for being the person she is & know that she will overcome this hurdle in the year to come! Wishing her a quick recovery soon.

So as you can tell, this point is so very close to my heart. I want to do everything I can to help the women out there who may be going through something similar & to support in any way in helping them over come this. My birthday wish for this month is to encourage YOU yes YOU to donate to this very cause.

Make My Birthday Wish Come True – Here’s How You Can Help!

  1. King Hussein Cancer Foundation
  2. Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation
  3. National Breast Cancer Foundation

#3 Beautiful, Delicious, Scrumptious Ingredients

Apples. Figs. Pumpkin. Cinnamon.

Cozy meals.


These key words bring so much joy to my life! It opens up my appetite & has me anticipating all the delicious comfort foods that are to come. Can you envision just how good????

Here’s an old recipe of mine: Oatmeal & Meatball Zereshk Stew I wanted to share with you to get you feeling that coziness yum!


I haven’t eaten yet so, writing this point & thinking about these ingredients & what I want to make out of them IS NOT HELPING AT ALL! So if you don’t mind I’ll move to the next point…

#4 Halloween!!! 

Halloween is BY FAR my FAVORITE TIME OF THE YEAR!!!!! OMG I cannot stress this enough! Forget New Years, Eid, Christmas, my birthday… forget all that! THIS is the 1 day in the year I really look forward to & nothing is going to stop me from celebrating it.

I absolutely LOVE dressing up for this occasion! It’s so much fun!!! It’s one of those days in the year that people just let loose & enjoy being silly. I love it! Plus I get to see just how create people get – it’s fantastic!

That’s me being a Saudi dude


Hello Aunt Jemima!



#5 The Weather

As you may know, I love in a very hot modern style dessert a.k.a. the fabulous Dubai! And s much as I love this city, I kinda want to summer to peace out & give the other seasons room to shine (hahaha) really? shine? ALRIGHT whatever… you get what I mean!

During this month, we finally get a break. Things begin to shift!!! YES!!! You know what I’m most looking forward to? BBQs, picnics, the beach (without getting a heat stroke), walks on the boulevard, walks in JBR, boat parties… I’m literally jumping up & down in excitement right now. So much to look forward to!


Now you know my 5 top reason why I love & appreciate the month of October. I hope you enjoyed this story!

If you love this month too let me know why it’s special to you!!! Or if you have anything else to share please do in the comment box below.

Much love,



Hi! I'm Najoud

A Saudi national with Syrian & Palestinian origins. I’ve spent my life continuously moving countries exploring new cultures, new flavors, & new perspectives on life. Here's my story


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